Zero dB Focus + Energy with Nootropics · 355 mL

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  • Jitter-free energy
  • Made with botanical nootropics
  • Helps improve focus and lift brain fog
  • Expertly dosed and formulated by Canadian neuroscientists
  • Energy from organic green tea extracts and Vitamin B-complex
  • Made with organic plant extracts
  • Helps manage daily stress
  • Great tasting berry citrus flavour
  • Lightly carbonated and flavoured with organic fruit juice
  • Only 50 calories per 355 mL can


Zero dB Focus + Energy is your go-to elixir for sharpening mental clarity and fueling your day, all while keeping stress at bay. Crafted by leading Canadian neuroscientists, our formula harnesses the power of botanical nootropics to elevate your state of mind.

Our unique botanical blend features a curated selection of five potent plant species, including organic hops in dual varieties, organic licorice root, organic echinacea, and organic cacao. Together, they synergize to offer unparalleled benefits for your mental well-being.

To kick it up a notch, Focus + Energy is supercharged with organic green tea extract (80 mg of caffeine) and a powerful vitamin B complex, delivering a smooth, non-jittery energy boost that keeps you on point and productive.

Reach for Zero dB Focus + Energy when you need to dial down the mental chatter, amplify your focus, and invigorate your senses with our vitalizing extracts.

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