Zensations Clear Mind Mushroom Cacao Mix · 150 g

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Lion's Mane Mushroom Cacao Mix


  • An organic blend of Lion’s Mane and Cacao to keep you feeling mentally sharp, focused and productive to power through your day.
  • In the zone for students of all ages, busy professionals & right-brained creative types.
  • Featuring 1600 mg of organic lion’s mane mushroom powder per serving, with organic coconut palm sugar, organic cacao powder, organic stevia leaf extract.



What happens when you mix the legend of Lion’s Mane with the magical taste of cacao? You get the focused PURICA Zensation called Clear Mind.



  • Students of all ages
  • Busy professionals
  • Right-brained creative types


  • Acing those final exams
  • Closing the big deal
  • Learning a new tune

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut palm sugar, organic lion’s mane mushroom powder, organic cacao powder, organic stevia leaf extract.

DIRECTIONS: Add 1 teaspoon (5 g) to 50 mL hot water (taken like a shot of espresso) or mix in smoothies, coffee or other hot beverages.

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