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Our MCT Oil is 100% medium-chain triglycerides, comprised of 60% caprylic and 40% capric acid. 100% Coconut MCT Oil.

Easily metabolized in the liver and converted to ketones.                                                

  • Provides energy for workouts, weight management, and bodybuilding
  • Smoothest, Highest Quality, 100% MCTs
  • Support for age-related cognitive decline as recommended by Dr. Mary Newport
  • Packaged in aluminium-free and BPA-free tin
  • Available in 500 mL and 1 L

Nutrition Facts & Suggested Use

Main Ingredients

100% Pure MCT Oil

Suggested Use

Start with 1 teaspoon (5 mL) and build to 1 tablespoon (15 mL) 1 to 3 times daily. Taking too much of this product can cause stomach upset. 


Is the supreme MCT oil emulsified?

Supreme MCT oil is not emulsified; however, MCT Boost is emulsified.

Supreme MCT oil is 100% coconut-derived MCT oil with 60% caprylic and 40% capric acid. To mix evenly in a hot or cold drink would require blending.

MCT Boost is emulsified and comes in either unflavoured or vanilla versions and is an excellent dairy-free/sugar-free creamer option that blends easily into any beverage. Below is a link to the website that further outlines their differences

Are there more in-depth nutritional facts available including sodium, calories etc?

Please note this product contains only 100% coconut MCT oil. There are no other added ingredients; there is no sodium claim on the label because there is no sodium in the product. There are 130 calories per 1 TBSP (15ml).

What percentage of MTC Supreme is palm oil. Is it red palm oil?

We are happy to confirm that our MCT oil is now 100% derived from coconuts. The 60/40 ratio with palm oil was phased out last year, though we do still offer a sustainably sourced, organic Red Palm Oil product on its own.

Supreme MCT oil is 100% coconut MCT oil, with 60% Caprylic Acid (C8) and 40% Capric Acid (C10).

I just wanted to ask if your MCT oils come from organic or ”clean” coconuts without pesticides and stuff like that?

I have information on file that indicates our MCT oil is not extracted from organic coconuts. With that in mind, coconut oil comes from the flesh of the coconut, which is enclosed safely behind the tough outer shell. Any pesticides that are in the soil will be taken up by the tree’s roots but with the coconuts being so far from the roots it is thought that it is unlikely that pesticides will reach the coconuts.

Can tell me about the process you use for making your Supreme MCT oil?  Also, is it made from coconut oil or a mix of coconut and palm oils and if so how much of each?

We exclusively use coconut oil in our Supreme MCT oil.  NO solvents, including caustic soda, are utilized in processing.

Proprietary* Manufacturing Process Flow Chart:

Coconut Oil >Transesterification > Fractionation > Esterification > MCT (Crude) > Refining/Deodorization > Liquid Coconut Oil

(*Please note that the supplier’s manufacturing process is considered proprietary, and further details cannot be provided).

I have a question on the MCT supreme tin cans. Do you know where they are made?

– Packaged in BPA-free sustainable lightproof white tin (aluminum-free)

– It is made from European tin

– better for the environment, and has an easy pour lid

– Manufacturer is in Austria (hence the European tin message above)

– Top, body, and bottom of the containers are made of Tinplate:  sheet steel with electrolytic coating on both sides

– Also the containers are checked for quality assurance through FDA (or equivalent) regulations in Europe (Germany, Austria, France) and the USA.  They are BPA free. 

In terms of C8 and C10 how does MCT Boost compare to the Alpha MCT Supreme?

 Supreme MCT oil and MCT Boost are similar; however, MCT Supreme is 100% pure MCT oil, while MCT boost is emulsified, and contains purified water, gum Arabic, vanilla bean flavour, and sorbic acid. Supreme MCT oil is 100% medium-chain triglycerides, comprised of 60% Caprylic (C8) and 40% Capric acid (C10). MCT Boost is comprised of Caprylic Acid (C8), Capric Acid (C10) as well as Lauric Acid (C12) – so the ratio will be quite similar but not exact, without the removal of lauric acid.

MCT supreme, as it is pure MCT oil is more concentrated, so you are getting a higher amount of MCT’s per serving versus the MCT emulsified boost.

I just started using your emulsified MCT Boost today and like it. What MCT components are in it? Are there C6, C8, C10 or c12? In what proportion?

Below is the breakdown of Caprylic Acid (C8), Capric Acid (C10) and Lauric Acid (c12) per teaspoon (15ml) serving,

Does the MCT oil go bad… What is the shelf life?

All our Alpha products have a printed lot number and expiry date, located on the bottom of the container or on the label near the nutrition facts.

Our Alpha Supreme MCT oil is meant to be stored at room temperature, in a dark cupboard, and consumed within 6 months of opening the bottle. It is not intended to be heated, or used for cooking.

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