Sealicious Omega-3 Tangerine Lime

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Tangerine Lime

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Natural Triglyceride
  • Contains no shellfish
  • Sweetened with zero-sugar monk fruit
  • 5-star IFOS tested and certified for purity, potency and freshness


Step into a citrus grove, for your daily dose of omega-3.

Fresh, bright, and citrusy with the perfect hint of flavour is the best way to describe              our Sea-licious Tangerine Lime. A spoonful will transport you to a sunny grove of fresh cut citrus. Smile

Sea-licious Tangerine Lime is the most subtle of all the flavours, so if you’re looking for a mild choice, this is a terrific option. The all-natural monk fruit is the perfect sweetener to enhance the fruit flavours without adding unnecessary sugar.

Aside from the superior quality of the oil, the Sea-licious taste is what sets it apart from all other fish oils on the market and makes it something you look forward to taking. This is what also makes Sea-licious a delicious addition to food, salads or dressings.

Tip: Tangerine Lime is great blended with cilantro and tossed with a green kale salad for an even fresher take on salad dressing.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our recipes here.

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