Roasted Baru Seeds · 150 g

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  • Baru seeds taste like a mixture between almonds and cashews but they're 100% nut free!
  • Often referred to as 'baru almond' or 'baru nut'.
  • Our Roasted Baru Seeds are a good source of healthy fats, fiber, vitamin E and iron.
  • A great source of plant protein.
  • Gently roasted to improve digestibility.
  • 100% school-safe and kid approved.
  • Sustainably grown and harvested in the Cerrado, the tropical Savannah of Brazil.
  • Wild-crafted and handpicked


Introducing baru seeds, a nutrient-dense legume grown in the tropical Savannah of Brazil known as the Cerrado. Baru seeds, despite being called baru nuts or baru almonds, are actually seeds originating from a primitive legume and are completely unrelated to almonds or tree nuts. These seeds are 100% peanut-free and taste just like peanuts. Natural Traditions Baru Seeds are wildcrafted from mineral-rich soil and handpicked by local communities in the ecoregion of Brazil. The raw seeds are gently roasted in-house without the use of oils to enhance digestion and offer the same nutty satisfaction as peanuts.

Sustainability: Baru seeds are not only good for you but are good for the planet. Baru seeds require little water to grow and are an important income source for local communities in the Cerrado. In a region that is being over-exploited, these seeds may be a solution to deforestation and rebuilding native habitats.

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