Organic Vanilla Bourbon Extract · 30 mL

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Vanilla fragrans

Our vanilla bourbon aromatic extract from Madagascar is perfect for all your olfactory and culinary creations.

  • BOTANICAL NAME: Vanilla fragrans
  • PART OF PLANT: Flowering top
  • ORIGIN: Madagascar
  • CULTURE: Organic, certified by ECOCERT® SA, certified by ECOCERT® CANADA
  • OTHER NAME: Oleoresin
  • EXTRACTION METHOD: Hydro-alcoholic extraction (Oleoresin)
  • ODOR: Gentle scent, sweet and intensely aromatic, typical of Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar
  • COLOUR: Caramel to dark brown
  • INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic Alcohol (Ethanol), Organic & Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Extract (Vanilla fragrance/planifolia oleoresin)


Vanilla is derived from the fruit of a variety of tropical liana orchids. These are the only orchids grown for reasons other than ornamental. There are several varieties of vanilla, the best known of which are Vanilla tahitensis (Vanilla from Tahiti) and Vanilla planifolia, also known as Vanilla fragrance. The cultivation of vanilla requires special care towards the vanilla pods, one of the most valuable and expensive agricultural products in the world.

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