Organic Matcha Latte with Probiotics

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  • Instant delicious matcha latte
  • 1 billion probiotics per serving
  • A healthy alternative to tea or coffee
  • Dairy-free
  • Made with coconut milk

Product Information

Superfood Description

Enjoy a delicious, energizing matcha latte instantly by blending 1 tbsp of our matcha latte powder with 6oz of hot water. Made using our premium matcha powder and lightly sweetened with our coconut palm sugar. Our Matcha latte contains a coconut milk powder base and is instantly creamy. 

We've also added 1 billion heat and shelf-stable probiotics to nourish your gut microbiome with every sip!

Suggested Use
  • add Ashwagandha or any other adaptogen for added benefits
  • Can also be enjoyed over ice, for an iced latte!


We have 1 recipe which uses Organic Matcha Latte with Probiotics:

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