Organic Argan Oil (boxed 30 mL)

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  • Paraben Petroleum Free
  • Pure Botanical Ingredients
  • Organic

Product Information


Argan (Argania spinosa) is an effective moisturizing oil that contributes well to any skin care or hair care formula. It is rich, fairly stable and has a slightly nutty aroma.

Aura Cacia Organic Argan Oil is sustainably sourced by women’s cooperatives in southern Morocco. The oil is cold pressed from the fruit kernels of native desert trees.
  • Rejuvenating – Argan oil contains high levels of skin rejuvenating essential fatty acids and is great for nourishing the skin.
  • Supportive – Argan naturally supports the overall vitality of hair and skin. It can be found in many hair care products and has become a popular ingredient in DIY skin care.
  • Moisturizing – Argan is an emollient, which means it’s a good moisturizing oil for conditioners, balms, and serums. It is also compatible with many skin types.

    Ingredients & Suggested Uses


    Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil.

    Botanical Name: Argania spinosa

    Suggested Uses

    Quick Tip: Massage into hair and scalp to reinvigorate.

    Recipe: Argan Rosemary Dark Hair Oil Treatment


    • 12 drops Aura Cacia Organic Rosemary
    • 2 tablespoons Aura Cacia Argan Oil
    • Aura Cacia Amber Glass Bottle (59 ml)


    • In bottle, combine oils
    • In a basin of hot water, submerge bottle until oils are warm
    • While the oil warms, place a towel in the dryer and run dryer until towel is warm
    • To use, massage warm oil into scalp and hair
    • Wrap head with warm towel and leave in place until cool. Shampoo and condition hair as normal
    *Note: For blonde or light-colored hair, simply substitute Roman chamomile essential oil for the rosemary essential oil.                                                                               

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