Nutridom Ginkgo Biloba 5000 · 120 Capsules

NutridomSKU: NUT|NU|887089103101


NPN: 80067246


  • Helps to enhance cognitive function in adults
  • Helps to enhance memory in adults
  • Helps to support peripheral circulation


Elevate your cognitive health with Nutridom Ginkgo Biloba Extract, a potent 50x concentrate designed to support memory, brain function, and peripheral circulation. Each 100 mg capsule delivers the equivalent of 5,000 mg of quality Ginkgo leaf, providing a powerful boost to your mental clarity and overall well-being. Specially formulated for those seeking to enhance cognitive performance and improve circulation, this supplement is made with non-GMO ingredients and is gluten-free, ensuring a natural approach to brain health. Encased in vegetable capsules, this product is suitable for vegetarians and comes in a convenient 120-count bottle. Embrace the benefits of ancient wisdom with Nutridom Ginkgo Biloba Extract and take a step towards a sharper, more focused mind. 

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