Men's Probiotic + Prebiotic (Shelf-Stable) · 35 Capsules

Naka PlatinumSKU: NAK|ME|623543750784


NPN: 80119997


  • 100 Billion Input during production, 50 Billion minimum at expiry date
  • Live Cultures From 16 Function Specific Strains Designed To Support Male Physiology
  • Reduces whole gut transit time/helps to accelerate intestinal transit time. Supports digestion by reducing transit time. Reduces frequency of functional gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g. constipation, irregularity, flatulence). Promotes bowel movement. Helps provide gentle relief of constipation and/or irregularity.
  • Helps to temporarily reduce the symptoms of perceived stress, such as fatigue. Temporarily supports positive effects of symptoms of perceived stress, such as fatigue. Helps to promote well-being (by decreasing fatigue) and support the body during periods of mental stress.
  • Stomach Acid Resistant Strains | Soy Free | Vegetarian | Gluten Free | Shelf Stable | Dairy Free | GMO-Free

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