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All The World Is A Stage is a compilation of ideas, thoughts, reflections, quotes, and a script for the reader to contemplate with an open mind.

Uncover the truth that:

YOU are a star performer in a universal script playing on the world stage.

YOUR individual contributions are essential for its success.

YOU make your grand entrance at birth.

YOUR final exit occurs when your role is complete.

YOUR life involves many transitions.


Awaken YOUR inner gifts and YOUR purpose in the play.

Embrace YOUR role in the universal script.


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Amazon Canada Reviews

Amazon Customer (Reviewed on February 5, 2023)

An insightful read

This book is giving validation, courage and a voice to those who may feel like they don't have one.

Amazon Customer (Reviewed on January 10, 2023)

A wonderful collection

All the World is a Stage is an easy and fascinating read. As I was reading, I could feel and hear Susan Small's presence on every page. Way too many quotes to share - many made me reflect and think about where I am and my purpose in this life. I came away seeing life through a different lens. This is a book I will read over and over as there are so many beautiful messages throughout. I am so happy to have added it to my collection!

Susan Clarke (Reviewed on January 3, 2023)

Every soul is special and belongs.

In All The World is a Stage our "World" is metaphorically represented by the “Stage”. Small's view of the Universe, mixed with her own compelling story, encourage the reader to understand that we all have purpose. She believes that every soul is special in the grand Universal scheme, or as Small writes, the “Script”.
Anyone who questions their own existence, their own character and intent and that of others, will benefit from reading All The World is a Stage.
We are reminded of our need to live everyday with meaning and energy and to treat all living creatures accordingly.
On a personal note, I feel more aligned with the Universe knowing that “there is no such thing as an unneeded person.”

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