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  • Improved fat mass ratio
  • Reduces blood sugar after a meal
  • Reduces the absorption of sugar from the gastrointestinal tract
  • Clinically researched for weight loss
  • Activates fat metabolism in the liver and lowers triglycerides
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Helps support cardiovascular health

Product Information

SHAPEsmart contains the highest quality green coffee bean extract with a 45-50 percent concentration of chlorogenic acids as found in the clinical studies. Shapesmart comes in convenient stick packs. SHAPEsmart is sugar-free and is a natural lemon iced-tea flavor that you can add to cold water for a refreshing drink or to hot water as a soothing tea or you can simply pour it onto your tongue.

Suggested Use

Mix 1 packet in 8 oz of water. Take 1-2 packets per day.



Green coffee bean extract (Coffea canephora)

(standardized to 45-50% chlorogenic acids)


400 mg


This product does not contain artificial preservatives, colors, or sweeteners; no dairy, gluten, soy, wheat, yeast, cafestol, kahweol, or GMOs. 


Key Ingredients

Green coffee beans

Green coffee beans are beans that have not been roasted. Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid which has been shown to slow the release of glucose into the body after a meal, thereby promoting weight loss. When coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid is lost. Hence the reason why coffee consumption has not shown the same weight loss benefits as green coffee bean extract.

Nine clinical studies evaluated green coffee bean's health benefits. A minimum of 45 percent chlorogenic acid content was present in the green coffee bean extract used in the clinical research studies.

A study published in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity examined the effects of green coffee bean extract on weight loss. The study's participants were randomized to receive either 1050 mg of green coffee bean extract, 700 mg of green coffee bean extract, or a placebo on a daily basis. The study lasted 22 weeks or just over five months. The participants were asked not to change their diets and on average people ate 2400 calories per day which do not represent a calorie-reduced diet. The average weight loss in the study was 17 pounds with the lowest weight loss being seven pounds and the highest 26 pounds. Body fat also declined by 16 percent.

Chlorogenic Acid: Powerful Active Ingredient

Researchers believe it is the chlorogenic acid that helps with weight loss as chlorogenic acid has been shown to inhibit sugar absorption from starch consumption. Chlorogenic acid has a significant influence on glucose metabolism where it was found to decrease post-meal glucose levels. Other studies have shown that chlorogenic acid retards the absorption of fats from the intestines and also activates fat metabolism in the liver and lowers triglycerides. SHAPEsmart contains 45-50 percent of chlorogenic acids.

A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study published in the Journal of International Medical Research investigated the efficacy and tolerability of green coffee bean extract. Green coffee bean extract containing a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acids was found to reduce the absorption of sugar in the gastrointestinal tract. Forty obese volunteers were included in the 12-week study. Body weight, body composition, and blood pressure were recorded at baseline and every month during the study. The results showed a significant difference in weight reduction of over 10 pounds in the treatment group versus 2.4 pounds in the placebo group. BMI decreased by up to 10%.

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