Original Silicea Colloidal Gel TWIN PACK · 2 x 500 mL

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Product Information

Silica is an important component of collagen and connective tissue. Suspended in a colloidal preparation; Silica is absorbed quickly and easily. Used commonly throughout Germany for the maintenance of youthful, healthy skin, hair, and nails. Silicea Gel can be used externally for wrinkles, acne, and blemishes or internally helping to replenish collagen supply and encourage skin elasticity. An excellent choice for those who are concerned with brittle nails, thin hair, and prematurely aging skin. 

Silicic acid contains the vital trace element silicon (Si). In the body, silicon (Si) is the “building material” of the connective tissue, which is key to the health of the entire body. Silicic acid also strengthens the connective tissue with its exceptional water-binding capacity. Healthy, strong connective tissue is the prerequisite for smooth skin and strong hair and fingernails.

Silicic acid in its ultrafine (colloidal) form with its large active surface area binds, for instance, substances causing inflammation, and is therefore ideal for external application on areas of circumscribed local skin irritation, such as:

  • minor superficial wounds, especially
  • small cuts
  • cracked skin, abrasions, scratches
  • bedsores
  • inflammatory skin disorders, pimples
  • local skin irritation associated with allergies in conjunction with inflammation
  • minor burns and scalding of the skin
  • sunburn

Recommended Use

Traditional use: take internally to prevent brittle fingernails and hair and to strengthen the connective tissue; apply externally for circumscribed local irritation of the skin. This information is based solely on standard practice and years of experience. When showing the first signs of disease please consult your physician.

For external use:
Dab Hübner Original Silicea® onto the affected areas of skin or apply diluted with water 1:4 and cover with a moistened piece of gauze where required. Repeat several times when the gauze dries out.

For internal use:
Take 1 measuring spoon (15 ml) of Hübner Original Silicea®, diluted with water, once a day between meals.

Verifiably thicker hair with silica gel

Healing and curing sunburn, insect bites, and minor wounds


Medicinal Ingredients - Each 15 mL Contains:
Elemental Silicon (Silicic acid) ----- 196 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Water

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