KI Cold & Flu Day/Night Formula · 30 Tablets

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Ki Cold & Flu Day/Night Formula contains a combination of natural ingredients and clinically trialled Andrographis to help fight the symptoms of the common cold and flu. The additional night tablet provides relief from congestion and provides a restorative sleep.

Recommended to be taken at the first sign of infection and fever.

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly.

Available in 30 tablets – 20 Day & 10 Night

Ingredients & Directions

Each Day Tablet Contains:
Andrographis paniculata leaf 1.4g
Zingiber officinale fresh rhizome (ginger) 1.5g
Zinc amino acid chelate 30mg

Each Night Tablet Contains:
Magnolia liliflora flower (Magnolia) 3g
Mentha haplocalyx leaf (Wild mint) 3g
Melissa officinalis leaf (Lemon balm) 1.5g
Zingiber offiinale fresh rhizome (ginger) 1.5mg
Day Tablets: Take 1 Day tablet twice daily (morning and afternoon).

Night Tablets: Take 1 Night tablet before bedtime.

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