Allo Protein Powder Creamer

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Flavour: Vanilla


You can’t go wrong with Allo Protein Powder Creamer. Add creamy sweetness and 10g hydrolyzed whey protein powder to your hot coffee, espresso, tea, matcha, or hot chocolate. It dissolves seamlessly and is completely sugar-free, gluten-free, and clump-free. Easily enjoy a satisfying boost of protein at home or on the go, when you’re working or working out – just add Allo!

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Why put protein powder in coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Think of it this way: 

Why carry a protein shake and a coffee at the same time when you’re on the go?

People love Allo because it makes it easy to increase your protein intake while replacing your coffee cream with Allo. 

You can also use Allo to start your morning strong, as a pre-workout, or when you hit that 4pm wall.


How long does it take to dissolve?

Allo dissolves instantly upon stirring in hot coffee, espresso, tea, matcha, or hot chocolate?


Why not put my own protein powder in my coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Regular protein powder clumps when added to hot coffee.

That’s why we designed Allo to ensure it blends in seamlessly with your favourite brews.


Does Allo taste good?

Yes, Allo has several scrumptious flavours to choose from.

Or you can opt for flavourless to get that protein boost without altering the flavour of your coffee.


What beverages will Allo taste good in?

Allo works with most 8 oz servings of coffee, including lattes and cappuccinos.

It dissolves and tastes great in hot matcha, hot tea, and hot chocolate.

Whether you make your hot beverage at home or grab it to go from a shop, you can add Allo knowing it’ll taste great.

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